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Archives:  September 10, 2012

Today we went to go visit mom and dad, after dinner. I took my iPad over and asked dad if he would agree to sharing some stories that he could remember from his childhood on a video. I positioned it as wanting to be able to share a part of him with his grand kids later in their life and even his great grand children and beyond.

He liked the idea and thought it would be best to start with a bio / overview. Dad has never been shy, he loves to talk, he’s a great listener and has no problem expressing himself verbally or by using what he would say is his favorite… “the written word.”

I’ll need to edit the video, there were a few times when Isaiah came into Papi’s office looking for glue for his arts and crafts, and aside from that the lighting and the audio need to be adjusted.

Dad told some great stories about his “grandpapa” that I did not get on video. He told me about how his Auntie Margie used to say that “Papa was as black as coal, with a heart of gold”. Dad had such a big smile on his face when he talked about how good of a man his grandpapa was. “He never raised his voice to us, I don’t know if he could” dad laughed. He would say (in a hushed voice) “boy! Get up out of that chair!”

Dad said he would repeat the stories on video the next time I came over, he also felt bad that he had left my brother Chris out when he was talking about his kids, and would like to go back and talk about becoming a dad for the first time. I hope dad enjoys sharing as much as I enjoy listening to his stories.

More to come….


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