Prayers for Favor...

Archive:  August 18, 2015

I've been thinking of him so much lately.

Our usual phone conversation this past Sunday brought all of my emotions back up to the surface.  "I try to keep a positive attitude." he says.  "There's no point in feeling sorry for yourself, just trying to keep my mind active... I've been working on getting back into writing."   This makes my eyes swell, and a painful knot begins to grow in the back of my throat, just like when I was a kid, and he had just caught me doing something that I wasn't supposed to... I hold back my conversation for fear of him repeating himself.  How can I be so selfish?  Where is my positive attitude?  Are these just Words?

Where is my faith?

Mom & Dad sent my sister and I to a Catholic school where we went to mass every Wednesday, and back to church again with mom on Sundays (this was through elementary into high school - every week for about 15 years).  We were baptized in the Catholic church, we made our first communions, we were both confirmed.  We learned all of our prayers and celebrated Easter, and Christmas with the stories of faith, love, and the belief in miracles. Dad would go to mass with us very irregularly, usually just during the holidays.  Not absent of faith, but solitary in his spirituality.  As time went on and we grew into our lives, my sister and I (for different reasons, or maybe the same) don't go to mass anymore.  I haven't talked to her about it... but most likely in our mom's blighted hope, we have become solitary practitioners like dad.  I keep a framed prayer on my desk at work.  Dad gave it to me as a gift one year when I received a promotion as a sales manager, to remind me to keep a positive attitude, and start my work days in the right frame of mind.  I read it... almost religiously each morning, but as I do...  I like to think that I'm speaking to him - as the "Father".  Thank you dad!

Prayers for Favor

Personal Daily Meditation for Favor

Father, thank you for making me righteous through the blood of Jesus.  Because of that, I am blessed and Your favor surrounds me as a favor shield.  When I talk with people, the first thing they come into contact with is my favor shield.

Thank you that I have Favor with you and man today.  All day long, people go out of their way to bless and help me.  I have favor with everyone I deal with today.

I am increasing and wisdom today.  I am more than a conqueror in every situation that comes my way.

Because of your favor upon my life, Lord, I am a delight to people.  They enjoy me and take pleasure in being around me.  Your willingness and grace make me pleasing and acceptable to everyone I meet today.

Thank you, Father, that you are in me and with me everywhere I go today, so that I am delivered out of every distress and affliction.  Everyone I meet sees that I have goodwill and favor and wisdom and understanding, because of your Spirit living in me.  In Jesus' name, amen.

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