My son and the Moon...

Archive:  August 28, 2015

On August 28th 2007 the full moon over the Chihuahuan Desert appeared blood red during one of the longest and deepest lunar eclipses to be seen in the past 7 years.  The moon passed in front of the center of the Earth's shadow.  It was a magnificent sight to see!  It must have been about 5:30 in the morning, only a little before sunrise.  Diana and I had an unobstructed view of the moon from the highway, during our 45 min commute from Las Cruces to El Paso.  We were on our way to the hospital that morning... Caleb was on his way.

My youngest son is 8 years old today!  We all have memories, and stories about what happened - "when so and so was born" - or, "I remember where I was when blankity blank happened", for example;

  • Lil' Euri - 1997 - I arrived at the hospital and was almost admitted myself because of an allergic reaction to ibuprofen. (I had taken two Advil for a headache a few hours before.)


  • Isaiah - 2006 - I was in the middle of a garage sale the morning Diana went into labor, and in a hurry to put everything away to get to the hospital - I might have accidentally sold her favorite pants for $3. (and she still misses them to this day!)


  • Caleb - 2007 - Total Lunar Eclipse (See story in first paragraph.)


  • Leah - 2012 - There was one of the worst dust storms in El Paso's dusty history on the day that we took her home from the hospital.


My Son and the Moon is one of my favorite memories!

Happy Birthday Boo Bear!  You are the smartest, most handsome, loving, and talented 8 year old on the planet, and I'm proud to be your dad!

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