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Dad's birthday is tomorrow... He'll be on vacation with my sister.  I won't see him, but I'll call him, just like I call him every week.  Our conversations don't usually last that long, but I think we understand one another.  It's funny how life changes... It seems as if I can understand why he did the things he did, and said the things he said as a parent - now that I'm raising children of my own. I miss him...

He's here, and I know he's got my back.  I can go see him, and touch him, and look into his eyes, and hug him.  I can pick up the phone and call him.  But - I still miss him...

I don't remember ever asking him what his poem Soulwinner meant to him, although I'm sure he told me, I just don't remember - Maybe that's because I like to imagine myself as the Soulwinner - not yet ready to give up on humanity, trying to fix things before it's too late.  This was written before I was born, but I also like to think that Dad is giving fatherly advice to me, as both the Soulwinner & as part of the "herd" that didn't always listen.

I miss him...

I believe that there's more than just one soul yet worth saving.



Hey ... Soulwinner, standin' in the

stead of humanity - so you think

you're doin' some good huh? Look

at em' go ... walkin' right through

your pulpit.  Pullin' the

Word from your mouth so you'll

shut up.  Can't you see they

don't listen.

Preaching the Word

to the herd.

The devil's all about.

Standin on brimstone and

creeching into the fire...

winnin' souls for who?

For what?

You'll burn yourself out.

Your aim is noble, if at

least not accurate.

Quick before it's to late...

there's one soul yet worth


save your own...

They don't hear Soulwinner,

They stopped listening a long

time ago.

Some of them never heard, and

never will, they'll forever

remain swimming in their own swill.

-Clarence Giles

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