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Archive:  July 4, 2015

I told myself, the night before that I would wake up no later than 9 AM.  When I sat down at the computer to start writing for the day, it was 9:13.  Part of a challenge to myself to write consistently.  Free writing - an exercise I remember from elementary school.  We were instructed to open our journal, or notebooks to a blank page, and start writing.  Write with the intention of filling up that page.  SOME WOULD USE THE, IF I WRITE BIGGER THIS WILL BE A LOT QUICKER TECHNIQUE. I don't remember ever having any trouble filling up a page.  My only problem was that my hand would start cramping from the way that I was holding the pencil.  I wrote about my family; Mom & Dad, my sister, my dog.  My life was simpler then - I wrote about the things that I knew about at the time.

Dad has said before how he thought that a blog would require much more maintenance and time, than he had the patience for.  He's probably right...  Out of the hundreds of millions of blogs in existence today, the majority are personal, yet the challenge of generating consistent content is an ongoing battle.  You would think that this wouldn't present the problems that it does, after all - the only limits are peoples imaginations, and what they decide they want to share with the world.  There is something extremely satisfying about removing the words from your brain, and setting them free in the world wide web.  Having a Global reach!  Something that surely would have meant success, fortune, and fame for Dad, or anyone else - back in the day before the internet of things was even a thought.  How times have changed.  It's information at your fingertips, it's news in real time.  World events, celebrations, and tragedies.  It's beauty tips, fashion and recipes.  It's art, it's business - marketing & advertising.  It's religion, politics.  There's beauty, and inspiration.

I don't consider myself a writer in the way that dad does, having been a reporter, poet & published author.  I found a platform through my love of technology.  I found something to write about because of him - a way to come to grips with his Alzheimer's diagnosis.  I yearn to have a part of what he talks about wanting;

"get my freelance writing business back up and running, and put a few more dollars in my pocket"

- Now that it seems it may no longer be in his reach.  Let the words out - It's Freedom!  Make a connection, change the world!  Share your passions!  Be your own boss.  Celebrate Independence.  Reality is relative, writing is reflective.  It's more complex than just putting the words down on the page, and hoping for the best.

But do I have what it takes to take on something other than the daily daddy musings?  There's only one way to find out!

Navigating through this clutter and opening yourself up for examination, hopefully constructive criticism, and the opportunity to share your thoughts and ideas with the willing,  could be something...  Something that you find may be...

Write up your alley.

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