Waiting at the flagpole

I thought I had lost this post when I moved accounts from Wordpress to Squarespace, but turns out that my disaster recovery plan for my data actually works.  This is an archived poem previously published on Clareifi, written by my beautiful sister, she wrote:

"Hey brother, I just found a poem I wrote my senior year of college. It was supposed to be written as a young person in a young voice; thought you might get a kick out of it."

Waiting at the flagpole.

"I'll wait for you at the flagpole."
We did this every day
We'd meet and start walking
Together everyday

The 1st block past the houses
The gravel crunching beneath our feet
We'd worry about the stray dogs
Hold hands while we cross the street

A couple of blocks later
Talking about our day
What to do when we got home
All the games we'd play

Passing the 7-11
Crossing towards the Safeway
Only a couple more blocks to go
Then we'll start our "play day"

Almost to the cleaners
Don't forget to walk through the steam
Timing it so perfectly
We're keeping our clothes clean

Cross the street, and home sweet home
Off with the uniforms
Call mama and tell her that we're home
Break out the hot dogs and corn

Empty the lunchbox from today
The crust from my peanut butter and jelly
"don't forget to do that every day
Your lunchbox will get smelly"

He's always looking out for me
"C'mon let's play a game"
"we have to do our homework first"
You know it's always the same

Everyday we do this
Then everyday we play
Sit outside writing down license numbers
We won't let them get away

(hot wheels, bridges, cushion floats
On alligator infested carpet
Turning couches into boats) I didn't use this stanza, couldn't create a last line...apparently nothing rhymes with carpet.

Go inside before it gets dark
Mama'll be home soon
We need to pick up all our toys
We have to clean our room

Mama's home, and here's your dinner
Now let's take a bath
Did you hang up your uniform?
We always do, we laugh

Ok then goodnight kiddikens
Sweet dreams and you sleep tight
God bless you and I love you
Don't let the bed bugs bite

We'll do it all again tomorrow
It's our own routine
Being young and waiting at the flagpole
More fun than it seems.