Her Sacrifice

8 to 5 then 6 to 10 - sleep at 12 then up again.

Her Sacrifice… It was her life. Her dream of being a mom, a wife.


What does she need?

She can’t understand. She said the words before God and man.

She’ll find a way. He will provide. Keep your faith, you shall abide.

There’s no such thing as wasted years, and no sense in shedding tears.

Grow up strong is what you told us… Believe in him is how you’ll mold us.


Now it’s her turn, to live the life for which she’s yearned.

Oh wait, too late! That time has past. He can’t remember, his mind went fast.

She can’t relate. Her Sacrifice… It’s still her life, destined by fate.

Love and Joy. Hurt and Pain. Her Sacrifice… It’s still the same.

Sickness and Healing. Death and Sorrow. Sad eyes can’t see the light of tomorrow.

Lord give her strength, and mend her heart.

Her Sacrifice…

It’s about to start.

Thank you Mom!