Sunrise - Sunset

Today I watched the sunrise….


I walked to the end of a forest road just to see what was around the corner. I played with, and enjoyed my family as if there were nothing else in the world to do…. There really isn’t anything more important. I walked on dunes of white sand until…

I thought about what I would write to describe the day, and the feelings that came along with it. It’s been a while since I felt such peace. There was a time when it wasn’t so hard to get out and connect with nature, take walks with my family, let my mind wander and be free. Lately, I’ve let this freedom get away from me. It’s natural to let problems consume your thoughts. To gain a sense of being overwhelmed. I’ve been down this road before, and I realize that it is all just a state of mind. Circumstances do not, or should not dictate the future…. You're reaction to those circumstances is what is key. When I’ve been down before, there has always been something better around the corner. I may not always see it in the moment, but everything really does happen for a reason.

This past weekend we took a day trip to Cloudcroft New Mexico to escape the El Paso heat on Labor Day weekend. I had looked at the forecast a couple of days before we left, and knew that it would be about 20 degrees cooler than the temperatures at home. I also saw that there was a 50% chance of thunderstorms beginning at 12PM. I figured if we left early enough, we’d have time to find a good spot to have a picnic for lunch and beat the storm.

By the time we decided to turn back from our hike towards the picnic area the sky quickly began to darken, and although we didn't see lightning, the thunder rumbled across the sky above us. We made it back to the van just as it began to rain. I had promised the kids that we would go fishing, but this was looking like I would have to negotiate an alternative solution with them today. We decided to head down the mountain to visit White Sands National Monument. It would be mostly cloudy and in the mid 80’s there today, a welcome change to what can be a sweltering reflection of the suns summer heat off of the white gypsum dunes.


Today I watched the sunset….

My soul feels refreshed.