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Write for your life

This is the fifth post I’ve written this month, and that feels good! That feels like progress. Nothing has been taken away from me… I’ve been given a gift! I’ve been given time. Two months ago, I was fired from my job… I didn’t see that coming. No, honestly. I felt completely blindsided, and it hurt me real bad.

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It’s Time

I search different blogs for inspiration, and more often than not the recurring thing that I notice is that…

There are so many people out there that want to be heard… Searching for their audience. But without confidence. I hear “I know it’s been a while since I posted but…”. (insert excuse not to write here). Or…

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Where I’m from

I come from somewhere that you can never see,  although you may have been there yourself.

Where I’m from it’s always dark when I start my journey.   

Gradually, along the way there are glimmers of light. When I get to a bright spot, I stop to bask in its warmth.

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In Case I Forget...

In case I forget...  Remind me who you are.  You, and your love for me make me everything that I am.

I'm scared...  I don't want to forget.  I don't want to be confused.  I don't want to scare you, or make you cry.  I don't mean to hurt you, or make you mad.  Please be patient with me.  It's me... I'm your dad.  I'm your husband... I gave you my all.  I don't mean to forget you.  Even if I don't know your name, or your face... My heart will always remember.

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Prayers for Favor - A Daily Meditation Prayer from my Dad

Our usual phone conversation this past Sunday brought all of my emotions back up to the surface.  "I try to keep a positive attitude." he says.  "There's no point in feeling sorry for yourself, just trying to keep my mind active... I've been working on getting back into writing."   This makes my eyes swell, and a painful knot begins to grow in the back of my throat, just like when I was a kid, and he had just caught me doing something that I wasn't supposed to...

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