It’s Time

It’s time to speak the truth…

I’ve been stalking a few different blogs lately. I know you shouldn’t compare yourself to anyone, but I noticed something funny. I’ve been doing research and trying to find a niche in the local market for a “Dad Blog”. Along the way I’ve come across so many different blogs that sound very familiar…

As I wrote in - On the day it started again... “I still feel as if I'm not sure what I want to say.

I search different blogs for inspiration, and more often than not the recurring thing that I notice is that…

There are so many people out there that want to be heard… Searching for their audience. But without confidence. I hear “I know it’s been a while since I posted but…”. (insert excuse not to write here). Or… “I’ve got to get back into a rhythm and post more regularly” but…. The big “BUT”. It’s more common than I thought.

What I realized this week was that… I created Clareifi to honor my dad, but as a “Dad Blog” the dad in the story can be me. My writing has always been on the melancholy side. I write about how sad I am that my dad has Alzheimer's…. I am. But that’s not the whole story… I’m a dad too. I have a life other than just dealing with my fathers Alzheimer's diagnosis, and you know what? It’s an interesting, entertaining, story worth telling. I realized this week that I have so much more to say than just writing about how I wish my dad wasn't suffering with Alzheimer's. It sucks! But my story is so much more than that.

So… Just like the other blogs that I’ve been reading lately… It’s time, again for a fresh start.

Today is the day that it starts again…

If you don’t like what I’m writing, then this isn’t for you… I’m ok with that… This is for me!

This is for the people that are still searching for their voice.

This is for the people that know… The people that know that there is something better out there for all of us.

We don’t have to conform. As uncomfortable as it may seem to break the mold. The mold that we were taught is the right path to follow…


You won’t regret having tried. I lean towards sharing platitudes, however this is not that…

We can all be so much more than we were taught to be, more than we believe we can. I’m making a commitment right now to share more, give more, and be more than I ever have.

It’s Time!

Time to speak the truth.

Time to stop making excuses.

Time to allow yourself to be happy.

Time to express who you are.

Time to dream big.

Time to take action.

Time to make a difference.

It’s Time!

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