e v e r y w o r d.

Exactly one year had passed since the first time he forgot who I was.

That event would change my life and start me on a path of discovery reconciling emotion, and grief and ultimately healing and fulfillment through my writing, prose, and poetry.


It had been changing his life longer than he let anyone know. Diagnosed in 2011 at the age of 65, he thought he had time to prepare. To learn. To fight.

He didn’t.

Have time.

Even though he’s still here, I miss him.

Honoring his memories that he no longer can, is a way for me to continue connecting with him.

To properly tell his story, I’ve got to go back.

As far back as I can.

There’s a part of the story that I want to be told from his perspective…

Every word he didn't publish helps to tell his (story).

Health & Science, Psychology & Philosophy, Culture & Race, Poetry & Creative writing - Please allow me to, Clareifi 🎙️

Some finished and some that I’ve taken the liberty of finishing for him in tribute...

Please allow me to, Clareifi 🎙️

every word - Please allow me to, Clareifi 🎙️