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Improving Your Online Business Messaging:

Improving Your Online Business Messaging:

Identifying and Filling Gaps

Image by alexmstudio / shutterstock.com
Image by alexmstudio / shutterstock.com

As an entrepreneur, it's important to carefully craft your messaging to effectively reach and connect with your target audience. But even the best laid plans can sometimes fall short, leaving you wondering what's missing from your messaging.

I’ve been struggling with this lately, as I’ve got so many things that I find interesting and want to talk about. Writing and creating is my business, so it sometimes becomes hard to draw the line and niche down. Publishing an eclectic mix of content on various platforms where it makes sense can work, but if you really want to build your brand, you’ve got to define your message and start telling your story.

After numerous changes over the years, I’ve landed on:

Hi 👋🏽, I'm Euri Giles, A content copywriter, and multimedia producer focused on tech, culture, and advocacy.

I help SMBs and other content creators by writing about marketing, the creator economy, new technology, web3, creativity, and freelancing.

My mission statement is:

💡 solving problems faced by creators who are working to earn a living online / writing / publishing / podcasting / social audio / video / and more.

👀… I didn’t say it was clean, just what I’ve been able to narrow down over the years.

One way to identify what might be missing from your messaging is to regularly solicit feedback from customers and potential customers. This can be done through surveys, focus groups, or in the case of a writer / content creator simply by asking your readers for their honest thoughts on your messaging, content, and delivery, in the comments.

Another approach is to take a step back and look at your messaging from a fresh perspective. This could involve asking a colleague or friend to review your messaging and provide their thoughts, or simply taking some time to reflect on your messaging yourself.

You’ve surely heard the saying, “Don’t compare yourself to others”. Yet in the same breath, it can be considered good advice to tell someone to research their competition and see how they are positioning themselves and their products or services. This can give you ideas for how to differentiate your messaging and highlight unique value propositions.

Ultimately, finding what's missing from your messaging is a process of ongoing iteration and refinement. By regularly seeking feedback, looking at your messaging with a fresh perspective, and staying up to date with industry trends, you can continue to improve your messaging and effectively connect with your audience.

What do you think? What’s the message you are working to convey to your audience / community / customers? Comment below or message me. Thanks for reading!