it all started when...

My dad - Clarence - asked me for advice on how to get started with a website for his freelance writing business.  He'd been a writer in some capacity throughout his career.  He was a reporter, a journalist, an editor, a technical writer, as well as a creative writer, and poet.  He was a content creating machine!  He was also quick to embrace new technology, but some things just change too rapidly.  He didn't care to learn how to  code, or even set up and manage a do it yourself website or blog.  He worried that it would take away to much of his time spent creating content.  He'd say  "I really want to start a blog, but it just seems like too much!"  Besides, he knew that I always tried to keep current with the latest technology and had some experience creating landing pages.  I got to work, but every time I presented options to him, we ended up talking in circles.


We didn't know it at the time, but there was an underlying reason that dad was beginning to have trouble with learning and retaining new information.  The diagnosis came in 2012 - Alzheimer's.  All I really knew about Alzheimer's was that my grandma had it (dad's mom).  Now - I thought everything would surely change...  It has.  Although at first, it progressed slowly, I immediately found myself struggling with frustration, uncertainty, and fear.  Why was this happening to such a sharp and brilliant man like my dad?  He is the definition of a "Good Daddy" and I pray that one day my own children think the same about me.  What did my family's history with Alzheimer's mean for my future?  What about my kids?  I started Clareifi as a blog to record memories of my dad, as well as my own experiences as a father. 

THe Business Side - Clareifi Media

I decided to mix family values honoring my dad, with family business when creating Clareifi Media as an online resource for freelancers, entrepreneurs, and small business owners like dad.  So whether you are an existing entrepreneur or freelancer who wants to profit from engaging in meaningful connections with your clients through digital media, or if you are searching for inspiration, and actionable steps to create an online business...  #Clareifi is here to help.  If your into ramblings about kids, parenting, and creating a life of value... We've got that covered too!  #Clareifi is a lifestyle/business blog dedicated to sharing how: 

we can work together to create something better...