About Clareifi

Clareifi is about Fatherhood, Writing, Entrepreneurship, and Living your life to its fullest potential.

While it’s true that you can’t take anything with you in the end… While you’re here, if you work toward creating something sustainable, something that makes a contribution to our community, something memorable for your children, and their kids after them. You’ll have created a legacy… A history… A story worth sharing.

Clareifi is dedicated to my Dad - Clarence Giles. Dad was diagnosed with Alzheimers in 2012. Dad was an Entrepreneur, a talented writer, and liked to do things his way, or not at all. My hope is that the stories that I share about my dad, his battle with Alzheimers and how it affects our family will not only serve to honor his memory one day, but possibly offer some insight into what to expect for other families that will unfortunately go through similar experiences.

I thought it was important to make Clareifi more than just a blog about Alzheimer’s because my Dad was more than just an entrepreneur, he was more than just a writer. He did so many different things in his life. He was by no means perfect, nothing is…

Dad taught me:

Lessons in Life, Love, Family, Career & Style, but mostly just… Dad Stuff.