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I share thoughts, stories, and ideas about - life, tech, culture, politics, and advocacy all over the internet. It all starts here...

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- is a reader-supported independent publication launched in August 2023 by me, Euri Giles.

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Clareifi was created in honor of my dad, Clarence Giles - diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease in 2011.

From - "e v e r y w o r d",

Health & Science, Psychology & Philosophy, Culture & Race, Poetry & Creative writing, and multiple short story ideas that he had brewing. A creative yet scattered outline of what could have been the culmination of his literary ambitions. A tenured journalist, a published poet & author, he had it in him, but now, his mind wasn’t cooperating.

My dad was a writer.

“A creative writer of prose and poetry”

Every word he didn't publish helps to tell his (story).

Health & Science, Psychology & Philosophy, Culture & Race, Poetry & Creative Writing, and multiple short story ideas.

Some finished and some that I’ve taken the liberty of finishing for him in tribute.

My work, inspired by him...

His work, shared again...

I'm building something with my dad.

This is, Clareifi.

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