poetry · · 1 min read




I can’t feel it

It’s gone

Where there was once hope

Only darkness

While there are moments of joy

Mostly sadness

Perspective is relative

Self awareness brings clarity

Live up to your responsibility

What example will you set?

While you sulk and cry and fret

If not for yourself

Live for those who love you

Anxiety runs high

They don’t need to see

It’s written on your face

You thought that you could hide


I can feel it

It’s back

Where there was once darkness

Only hope

While there are moments of sadness

Mostly joy

Relatives are not perspective

Clarity Breeds self awareness

Responsibility is your life

Set the right example

Don’t sulk and cry or fret

It’s not about you

Love those who share your life

Calm your anxiety

Let them all see

The smile on your face

You wouldn’t dare to hide